Sliding Windows

Autoslide’s Automatic Sliding Window system can be installed to sliding windows to enable easy opening via simple push of a button or remote control. Particularly useful for the elderly, disabled or physically challenged in wheelchairs as well as in situations where the sliding windows are mounted high up and can only be accessed using a ladder.

The two(2) illustrations left shows how Autoslide can be installed to sliding windows without the need for rehanding the motor. The first two(2) sliding window illustrations are for a four(4) panel sliding window where the fixed panels are in the middle. As shown in Pic 1 on the left, Autoslide can be installed over the clear opening of the sliding window on the left at the top. If installation over the fixed panel is preferred, then rehanding of the unit will be required. The unit on the right will not need to be rehanded.

Another option is to install Autoslide to the bottom of the sliding window over the fixed panel, as shown in Pic 2 above. No rehanding is required if installed this way.
Wireless Push Buttons or Remote Controls can then be synced to work with both Autoslide systems or individually. The Toggle function on Dipswitch 7 should also be switched ON – push button once to open, the sliding window will stay open until button is pushed again.
If one push button is synced to both Autoslide systems, both sliding window panels will open at the same time.


For four(4) panel sliding windows which slide open up in the middle as shown on the two(2) illustrations on the right, rehanding of one of the Autoslide units will be required.
If top mounted installation is preferred, the Autoslide unit to be installed for the slide Right to Open sliding window needs to be rehanded as shown in Pic 1 on the right.

If Autoslide can be installed to the bottom ledge of the sliding windows, then rehanding of the Autoslide to be installed to the slide Left to Open sliding window needs to be rehanded as shown in Pic 2 on the right.
To determine if Autoslide can be mounted inside of the house or has to be mounted externally, please refer to our Sliding Door section.