Motion Sensor Activated Automatic Door

Hands free motion sensor activation for humans and pets

Designed specially for home use, the Autoslide infrared motion sensors have a much shorter beam length compared to commercial automatic door sensors. This is to avoid any unnecessary activations of the sensor in a small domestic / residential environment and triggering numerous false door opens. Two motion sensors are needed per Autoslide door. ie. one inside and one outside.

The Autoslide sensor sensitivity can be adjusted easily using a small flat head screwdriver.
There are two(2) types of Autoslide infrared motion sensors: Wireless and Hard Wired
The Wireless battery operated versions are recommended for use as hand-wave sensors or pet sensors where only a short infrared beam is required. These wireless sensors work with 9V batteries and depending on usage, the battery life in a wireless sensor is approximately 3-6 months or less with frequent use. The motion sensors included in the Autoslide Motion Sensor Pet Door Kits are all battery operated wireless sensors.
Hard wired motion sensors have a much stronger beam length which can be adjusted to suit. ie. Shorten the beam to adult height only to prevent children or pets activating the sensor.
the hard wired sensors were designed for human use (instead of pets). The motion sensors included in the Autoslide Lifestyle Kits are all hard wired sensors.SNAG-0049