Remove the cover from the opener.  Push and hold the “Sensor Learn” button until the red light flashes. This erases all memory of all Sensors.


Flip the Direction Learn Switch On and Off. This puts the door back into learning the human width mode which will open and close the door to its’ current opening width. All lights will flash during this time.


Flip the Pet Learn Switch On and Off, this puts the Opener into Pet Learning Mode. The door will now begin to open, STOP the door at the appropriate width for your pet. The door will now return to the closed position. It has now learned the correct width for your pet. All lights will flash during this time.

Note: Slam Shut Mode CANNOT be used along with Pet Mode.


The light in front will now show the PAW light which indicates the Opener is in “Pet Mode”.


Push the “Sensor Learn” button to illuminate the red light. DO NOT HOLD as it will erase the memory. Now push any wall buttons to program them, the door will open. Repeat this procedure to add Remotes, Wireless Pet Sensors or Pet Mats. Your wireless sensors are now programmed.



I3 Collar ID Pet Sensor

Ensure the Wired Pet Sensor is plugged into the Pet Port and turned On at the Sensor (see both pictures).


Opener needs to be in Pet Mode.


Adjust the screw for desired sensitivity of the Sensor.


This should program your Wired i3 Pet Sensor. For any Wireless controls press the Sensor Learn button again to learn any Wireless Sensors.

Picture below shows the light coming on that lets you know the magnet that is attached to your pet’s collar has triggered the door to open when your pet comes close to the Sensor.