Can I fit AUTOSLIDE myself?

Yes, Autoslide is designed to be an easy Do-It-Yourself product.  Every kit comes with a step by step Instruction booklet and an instructional DVD.

Do I need a power supply to run the AUTOSLIDE?

Yes, Autoslide is powered by a low voltage, 24V DC power adapter/transformer with a 1.5 metre (59″) long cord, suitable for use in any country with 110-240V AC main power outlet.  Additional 2 metre (78.5″) extension cords sold separately if required to connect to the nearest power socket.

What if there is a power failure?

If there is a main power failure the sliding door reverts back to a manual sliding door.  The door can still open and close manually with ease.

If the door is manually locked and someone tries to open the door by pulling it or activating the push button or sensor, will that damage the AUTOSLIDE motor?

No.  Autoslide will attempt to open the door 3 times but will quickly revert back to close if it is unable to open.  No damage to the system.

If a visitor does not know that I have AUTOSLIDE installed and pulls open the door manually while it is in Automatic mode, will that damage the system or motor?

No.  This is also described as a Power Assist or Pull Assist which is a built-in function of the Autoslide where a gentle pull of the door handle will activate a full open.

How long does it take to install an AUTOSLIDE unit?

On average 20 – 40 minutes.

Does the AUTOSLIDE unit have a locking system?

No.  Autoslide only automates the existing sliding door.  Use the existing manual lock on the door as usual at night or when no one’s home or you can engage a licenced locksmith to wire an external 24V 2-core Electric locking system to work with Autoslide.

What door weight can the AUTOSLIDE unit take?

Autoslide can handle doors where the sliding panel is up to 50kg.  However, it must be friction free / free-running.  Note:  Weather seals and brush affect the overall weight / pull friction force of door.

Can I use AUTOSLIDE for commercial applications, such as an entry into a shop or main building?

No, Autoslide has been designed for residential/home use only, and does not comply with commercial public liability standards and regulations.  In the event that the Autoslide is used for a commercial application the warranty conditions will not be satisfied.

Is AUTOSLIDE CE approved?


How long is the warranty?

Autoslide comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Can AUTOSLIDE work with a remote?

Yes, Autoslide system has a built in multi-channel receiver.  Remote controls can easily be learned into the Autoslide system.  Up to 15 remotes can be used on one Autoslide unit.

How wide can the AUTOSLIDE unit open a door?

Standard length of racks supplied is 1 metre (39.37″) and you will achieve a maximum opening width of 960mm (37.79″).  Extension racks for wider doors sold separately.

Can I change the width open size?

Yes, by simply turning the isolation switch off and then back on, place foot behind door to where you want it to stop opening and the door will automatically program itself to the new size opening.

What colors does AUTOSLIDE come in?

Autoslide comes in white or black, but can be repainted by the purchaser.

What happens if the door hits someone?

Autoslide comes with a built-in safety reverse feature.  If the door comes in contact with someone, or any object, the door will automatically reverse to the opposite direction.

What is the size of the AUTOSLIDE unit?

Autoslide measures 490 mm long x 70 mm high x 65 mm wide.

Can the door stay open when required?

Yes, by pressing the mode button to ‘open mode’.

What is pet mode?

You can program Autoslide to open the door to a width that suits the size of your pet.  Once programmed, you have the option of leaving the Autoslide in pet mode, which will only open the door to the pre-programmed width you have set.

What is auto mode?

The door will automatically open and then time out and close automatically.

What is open mode?

This mode will permanently leave the door in the open position.

What is Standby mode?

Autoslide will disengage the motor drive and allow the user to use door in manual operation.  Note:  all settings will be stored in memory.

What type of sensor is used to open the door?

The basic kit comes with 2 x wireless wall mounted push buttons, but additional products and sensors such as wireless infrared sensors, pet sensors and mini remote controls can also be used.

Can my existing remote for my garage door work with the AUTOSLIDE?

Unfortunately not, the Autoslide remote control system is an advanced transmitter and receiver system with a different electronic code to that of an existing garage door.

Does AUTOSLIDE install left and right opening doors?

Yes, by changing the motor and main drive system using a 3mm allen key supplied in the kit.  Please watch our Re-Handing video under our Video section.

Can AUTOSLIDE be installed to transom or floor?

It can be installed to either top or bottom of your door depending on the owners decision.